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Chanukah has inspired every chavera at WIZO to bring hope and light to Jewish people both in Israel and around the world.

WIZO’s efforts to improve the lives of people in our society reflect these deep Jewish and Zionist values and continue to inspire others to help children, women and the elderly.

Let us light a candle for the work WIZO has carried out over the past years:

A candle for children – WIZO continues to create a safe and secure environment for children and for their parents. Only last month, I was delighted to chair the opening event of WIZO’s 184th daycare center in Tel Aviv.

A candle for our youth – WIZO prides itself on top-class education, where we strive to close the educational gap between disadvantaged children and those from stable homes. The Chairperson’s Office

A candle for women – WIZO, which was founded by a group of Jewish women to help other women, helps developing young and vibrant women leaders and assists women who suffer from domestic violence. WIZO also promotes a dialogue and coexistence between Jews and Arabs women and much more.
A candle for Jewish life – WIZO brings together all members of the Jewish community both in Israel and in the world. A wonderful example is the Shabbat Project, in which I was proud to take part during my mission to Brazil.

A candle for Zionism – as a leading Zionist organization, WIZO supports the State of Israel by providing vital social services and activities to help raise new successful generations.

A candle for global sisterhood – WIZO has united Jewish women from around the world with the aim to support each other and express their enormous talent and Jewish identity.

A candle for community – WIZO’s community is celebrating its 95th anniversary year and it is growing strong and more relevant than ever. Our community, with 250,000 active members, has been supporting families in Israel and around the world, giving all sectors of our society hope every day and continues to do so.

The eighth and final candle is for the women of WIZO – WIZO’s activities could not be as fruitful and successful without your commitment to improve the lives of those who need us.

“Just as Hanukkah candles are lighted one by one from a single flame, so the tale of the miracle is passed from one person to another, from one house to another, and to the whole House of Israel throughout the generations.” Judah L. Magnes

I wish you all a happy Chanukah, full of light, love, joy and sisterhood.
With my warmest regards,

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky
World WIZO

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