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We received this lovely report from a young girl, Emiliya Adelson who is on the MASA program volunteering in the World WIZO Fundraising Division. MASA Israel Journey offers young people the opportunity to participate in various programs in Israel.

Emiliya visited the Raya Jaglom Daycare Centre in Tel Aviv in an effort to learn more about WIZO DCCs.

Enjoy reading!

WIZO Raya Jaglom Day Care Centre sponsored by WIZO Australia

*Visit Report

April 17, 2012

WIZO Raya Jaglom Day Care CenterToday, I had the pleasure of visiting WIZOs Raya Jaglom Day Care Center sponsored by WIZO Australia. The DCC currently has 125 children and 25 teachers. I was given a tour of the day care by the incredibly pleasant director, Yuliya. First, Yuliya showed me all of the classrooms, which were very organized and bright, happy places. When we walked into the toddlers classroom, I was able to experience circle singing time. The children were engaged and giggling as they sang songs led by their teacher. Outside, in the renovated playground area, the two year old class was playing calmly.

Next, Yuliya showed me the new renovated multi-purpose complex. We discussed the progress of the work at the multi-purpose complex. Yuliya told me that she and the social worker are developing new programming to fit the needs of the welfare children at the complex. Although the children certainly face concerns that need to be addressed, such as proper hygiene care and long days spent away from overworked parents, Yuliya expressed that the majority of the children come from warm families that are happy to work with the social worker and learn how to better their parenting skills.

WIZO Raya Jaglom Day Care Center Next, Yuliya showed me the kitchen, gymboree room, and sensory motor room- all were in great shape. I learned that the kitchen has recently been equipped with all new supplies making it all the more possible for the cooks to prepare two hot meals and a snack for each child at the day care. During my visit, two cooks were in the process of preparing lunch for the 123 children at the DCC that day. Next, I visited the brand new gymboree room equipped with bright pillows and musical instruments including drums and tambourines. Here, small groups of children participate in music classes. Attached to the gymboree room is the sensory motor room, which is filled with colorful blocks of different shapes and sizes. Here, children learn and play. The room is used on rainy days when the playground is unavailable. It also serves as the DCCs bomb shelter.

WIZO Raya Jaglom Day Care Center My overall impression of the Day Care was incredibly positive. All of the rooms were bright, clean, and well-equipped. The teachers were engaged with the children, who were happily participating in the activities. The director, Yuliya, who has been at the center for three years, made it clear that she truly loves her job.Thanks to the donations of WIZO Australia, the WIZO Raya Jaglom Day Care Center and the Bernhard and Pearl Lazarus Multipurpose Class truly thrive.

*This report was prepared by Emiliya Adelson, a volunteer in WIZOs Fundraising Division. Emiliya is from the USA, and is currently living in Tel Aviv and interning at WIZO. She is in Israel on a MASA program called Career Israel.


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