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Despite the fact that a ceasefire, brokered by Egypt, has been announced by a senior Egyptian official, saying the truce went into effect at 1:00 am Tuesday two Qassam rockets and a mortar shell exploded in the area between Sha’ar Hanegev and Ashkelon Coast regional councils. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alerts sounded in the area prior to the explosions.

However, Israeli officials said that airstrikes in Gaza will be halted only once rocket attacks end. “Quiet will be met with quiet. Should the fire not end, we’ll see further escalation,” one official said.

More than 40 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in Israel Monday, with the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepting 13 incoming projectiles. The Air Force staged more than 10 strikes in Gaza, killing at least two Islamic Jihad terrorists.

WIZO USA announced an emergency campaign under the heading,

WIZO will take them under its wings, and do everything in its power to alleviate their pain.

They are counting on us… Can we count on you?

We have to seriously address the subject of the shelters in our Day Care Centres. The government has not come through according to our expectations, and since the Lebanon II War, they have done little to add shelters to the Day Care Centres, schools, etc, in which children learn.

The situation is still very precarious.Whereas government workers have been promised that their salaries will not be affected by the days they were forced to stay at home, looking after children, due to the closure of educational institutions, which are still closed for the fourth day, other citizens are already feeling the loss of business as shops cannot open, and the economy is once again, brought to a halt.

Many of the children are in fear, and even when the all clear sounds, they refuse to leave the safety of their homes.There are going to be many psychological repercussions in the future.

Our greatest strength is the resilience of the population in the South, over one million residents who are steadfast in their support for the IDF and the Government of Israel.

Many of the missiles have been intercepted by the Iron Dome and although nothing can take the place of a ceasefire, we are blessed with the wonderful research that is being done in Israel, for at the end of the day, we just have ourselves to rely upon.

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