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On October 31st, the WIZO Victoria and WIZO Australia Public Affairs representative, Nina Richwol, along with her husband, attended the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the historic Battle of Be’er Sheva. The capture of Be’er Sheva enabled the British Empire to break the Ottoman line and advance into Palestine, leading the way for the eventual establishment of the State of Israel.

Here was Nina’s account of the ceremony –

“We had an extraordinary day commemorating the Battle at Be’er Sheva liberated
from the Ottoman Empire in 1917.

The commemoration was as much about the brave horses as it was about the ANZAC soldiers mostly from country areas who understood horses and could
ride well.

The day was filled with wonderful speeches and a sense of shared history between Israel, New Zealand, England and Turkey.

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull delivered a wonderful speech and spoke about an uncontrollable horse called ‘Bill the Bastard’ that took 5 men to keep him under control.

The day ended with a sumptuous BBQ and entertainment was held which was generously sponsored by The Pratt Foundation.

It was a privilege to be there as it only happens every 100 years”.

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