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Maurice and I visited WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim in Haifa during our first trip to Israel in October 2017.  What an amazing experience it was! We were escorted there by the wonderful Tricia Schwitzer who is the Executive Member in charge of Special Projects for the Chairperson’s office and she also sits on the World WIZO Executive. Our afternoon at Ahuzat Yeladim was unforgettable and we enjoyed exploring this incredible place.

Our guide, Yossi Saragossi the Centre Director, has given 35 years of his life to fulfilling the needs of these disadvantaged children – his dedication to their physical and emotional need is second to none – a truly inspirational man and leader! He was so grateful for the untiring efforts of WIZO Australia.

In our photos you will notice the special handmade quilt made by the dedicated WIZO Kesher members from Queensland. These are given to the students at the boarding school. During our visit we were shown the Pet Therapy Centre, as you can see Maurice is holding the white cockatoo which was donated by a WIZO Germany donor after hearing about the fires at Ahuzat Yeladim in November 2016.

This day was a truly memorable one – never to be forgotten!

Marcia Phillips

WIZO Masada Member and volunteer

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