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Speaking to Presidents and Chairpersons of World WIZO Federations at the WIZO Aviv Seminar on the morning of 6 November 2017, World WIZO President, Esther Mor, said:

“You are lucky to be in WIZO, we are luckier to have you with us”.

A meeting was held at WIZO Nachlat Yehuda Youth Village with delegates from all over the world – Australia, Europe, North South and Central America, Asia and Africa.

The President told them that as a mother and grandmother, she knows how complex their lives are –   young women with careers, families and obligations, and she applauded their efforts to find time to be active WIZO members, to be part of WIZO’s illustrious Zionist sisterhood, to be part of the international WIZO network, that allows them to meet with women just like themselves, from all over the world.

Esther expressed her appreciation for their love and commitment to WIZO and to Israel; for observing the ancient Jewish values of pursuing justice and helping the weak, vulnerable, and poor in their respective communities and in Israel; for their desire to improve the society in Israel through education, enrichment and empowerment; for striving to strengthen their Jewish identity and culture.

Wishing them a very exciting week, she expressed the hope that they indeed find purpose, satisfaction and joy through sharing in the building and development of children and women in Israel, while preserving the Jewish education and culture in the Diaspora – as we have all done.

Esther Mor reminded the delegates that they are our future leadership and are charged with the task to carry the WIZO torch forward through modern technology and networking; to rebrand WIZO’s image, to increase our membership and empower our movement.

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