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יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה
Holocaust Memorial Day

In May 1981 a group of young American Jewish leaders asked Prime Minister Begin what he thought were the lessons of the Holocaust. This was his answer:
First, if an enemy of our people says he seeks to destroy us, believe him. Don’t doubt him for a moment. Don’t make light of it. Do all in your power to deny him the means of carrying out his satanic intent.
Second, when a Jew anywhere is threatened, or under attack, do all in your power to come to his aid. Never pause to wonder what the world will think or say. The world will never pity slaughtered Jews. The world may not necessarily like the fighting Jew, but the world will have to take account of him.
Third, a Jew must learn to defend himself. He must forever be prepared for whenever threat looms.
Fourth, Jewish dignity and honor must be protected in all circumstances. The seeds of Jewish destruction lie in passively enabling the enemy to humiliate us. Only when the enemy succeeds in turning the spirit of the Jew into dust and ashes in life, can he turn the Jew into dust and ashes in death. During the Holocaust it was after the enemy had humiliated the Jews, trampled them underfoot, divided them, deceived them, afflicted them, drove brother against brother, only then could he lead them, almost without resistance, to the gates of Auschwitz. Therefore, at all times and whatever the cost, safeguard the dignity and honor of the Jewish people.
Fifth, stand united in face of the enemy. We Jews love life, for life is holy. But there are things in life more precious than life itself. There are times when one must risk life for the sake of rescuing the lives of others. And when the few risk their own lives for the sake of the many, then they, too, stand the chance of saving themselves.

Sixth, there is a pattern to Jewish history. In our long annals as a nation, we rise, we fall, we return, we are exiled, we are enslaved, we rebel, we liberate ourselves, we are oppressed once more, we rebuild, and again we suffer destruction, climaxing in our own lifetime in the calamity of calamities, the Holocaust, followed by the rebirth of the Jewish State.
So, yes, we have come full circle, and with God’s help, with the rebirth of sovereign Israel we have finally broken the historic cycle: no more destruction and no more defeats, and no more oppression – only Jewish liberty, with dignity and honor. These, I believe, are the underlying lessons to be learned from the unspeakable tragedy of the Holocaust.
The words of Menachem Begin are as true today as they were when he said them. But no one, not even the biggest pessimist, could have foreseen that today, just seventy years since the Holocaust, and still in the lifetime of those who miraculously survived, we would again be witnessing a descent into the abyss of anti-Semitism in many parts of the world.
עזרו לנו להציל את כולנו ו תנו לנו להיצמד בחוזקה מעלת השלום. שיהיה שלום נהדר באמת בין כל אדם, ויהי אין הרמוניה בין אנשים אפילו בליבם.
Help us and save us all, and let us cling tightly to the virtue of peace.
Let there be a truly great peace between every person and their fellow, and let there be no discord between people even in their hearts.

Rabbi Nachman ben Feiga of Breslov, 1773-1810

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky
World WIZO Executive

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