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Israel under attack –
WIZO stands at Israel’ side

Israel approves cease-fire; Hamas mocks plan as ‘joke’
Last night Egypt raised a proposal for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Arab media has claimed that both Israel and Hamas have accepted the deal. Egypt called for an end to all aggression, on both sides, from 9.00 am this morning. Israeli cabinet is discussing the terms.
Despite the call for an end to the aggression Hamas continues to fire barrages of rockets into Israel.
Hamas rockets caused serious and moderate injuries to two Israeli Bedouin girls Monday evening.
Seven-year-old David Khashdi helped his great-grandmother to safety seconds before a rocket hit near their home in Ashdod.
For fourth time since Gaza operation began, terrorists in Lebanon fire rockets into Israel.
Rocket hits Eilat amid reports of ceasefire deal
An additional Iron Dome anti-missile system was deployed Monday evening, the third such installation to be completed in the past seven days.
WIZO Update:
We have received requests to house forty more families from the Shhar Hanegev local authority, in a WIZO youth village in the North (despite the talk of a ‘ceasefire’)
There are now eleven single mothers, with 19 children in Beit Heuss. Beit Heuss is organizing activities for the families.
Two families arrived at WIZO Nir Haemek at midnight to join the other families already there.
The evacuees at WIZO Nir Haemek listened to a lecture, and enjoyed the swimming pool in the youth village.
60 people from Kibbutz Yachini will arrive at CHW Hadassim on Friday.
WIZO Day Care Centers within the 40 km radius of Gaza are closed. Beyond the 40 km radius the DCC’s are opening as usual, except for the two DCC’s in Yavne which are only open for children of parents who are working under the heading of ‘Emergency Workforce’ and children at high risk.

Yesterday I visited families from the South, from Kfar Aza, who are finding peace from the rockets in WIZO Nir Haemek. It was a visit that I will never forget.
Whilst we drove there we heard the news of sirens sounding up and down the country. Our mood was subdued.
But as I stepped out of the car I was surrounded by families with smiling faces. I kept on hearing the simple words, that say so much – ‘Thank you’. They are so very thankful for everything that we are doing for them.
Our loyal and caring staff are working day and night, so that they can be safe, but not only safe, so that they can be as comfortable as possible. Many of the staff should have been enjoying their summer holidays now, but they reported back to WIZO Nir Haemek, with smiles on their faces, eager to help, whether it be with the laundry, or cooking those extra special dishes that reminds them of home.
We are not just providing beds, and food, we are giving them reasons to smile again. We are organizing activities for the children, organizing outings and encouraging them to enjoy the open air after being closed in airless shelters for weeks on end.
One mother told me how her five year old daughter refused, point blank, to leave the shelter for days on end. Nothing could persuade her to move – now, in Nir Haemek, she is like a different child, she has regained her joy for living.

I felt so proud to be representing this amazing WIZO effort.
Both WIZO Nir Haemek and WIZO Nahalal are straining at the seams, as more people seek shelter away from the rocket fire. WIZO will do everything possible to find room for them. As the old Moroccan proverb goes, ‘If there is room in your heart, there is room in your house’.
Our WIZO houses will keep stretching wider and wider, together with our WIZO hearts, but it is you in the federations who help us to make it all possible. Thank you.
Below is a letter of thanks, to the staff at Beit Heuss, after they hosted a group from the Ashkelon local authority over weekend.
To the Amazing Staff of Beit Heuss
Thank you for the moments of peace and quiet
Thank you that instead of hearing panic and fear we heard the
sound of serenity
Thank you that instead of running into shelters in case rockets
fall upon us we could go outside on a run with our
Thank you that instead of hearing the cries of our children,
this Shabbat the cries were of joy and happiness
Thank you for receiving us so warmly

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Families from the Hof Ashkelon Municipality
With warm regards,
World WIZO Executive

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