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Despite suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, Yuval Shitreet graduated from High School and even hosted the Graduation Ceremony

Throughout the course of her life Yuval Shitreet has not allowed the muscular dystrophy, from which she suffers, to stop her.  She insisted on learning in a regular educational system, to take part in the visit to Poland with her class friends, and at the end of the year she was chosen to host the graduation ceremony in the school where she studies, WIZO Nahalal.

In the high school, which has existed for 88 years and has seen many famous graduates such as Hannah Senesh, Moshe Dayan and Shaul Mofaz, there was great excitement when Yuval came onto the stage in her wheelchair.  Now she is working on her next project: to serve in the 13th Fleet.

Yuval was born eighteen years ago in Haifa in a normal birth, but during her first year she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.  Yuval learned in a regular junior school, continued in a Junior High school and High School at WIZO Nahalal.  With determination and persistence she overcame all obstacles and difficulties, even participating in a visit to Poland, but the climax, in her eyes, was last week when she hosted the graduation ceremony.

‘I am in the clouds, it is both happy and sad to finish, I was chosen to host the ceremony in a lottery’ she said.  She was dressed in a ball gown, as were the other graduates and went up on the state in a wheelchair on a special ramp that was made for her.

For over an hour Yuval hosted the ceremony, with many parents shedding tears of joy and excitement.  ‘I never broke down.  From the very beginning I knew that I was equal to everyone else,  and for me, the sky is the limit.  I travelled to Poland with an aide accompanying me from a non profit organization.’

‘It is hard to explain my excitement, it was a dream come true’ said her mother, Moshit, ‘she was the star of the evening’.

Eyal Batzar, Head of the Jezreel Valley local council added, ‘It was very moving to see the self confidence with which she organized the participants on the stage.  The school, and the council view with utmost importance the support and assistance of pupils.  Throughout the years the other pupils have supported Yuval.  These are the values that we give our pupils, and is no less important than anything else in our learning programs.’



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