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Report by: Keren Loyer

Today my Mum, Chana Shuvaly and I were picked up by Janine Gelley and taken to Makom BaLev, a project sponsored by WIZO Australia.

Zohar Shalhevet joined us and we were met by 2 wonderful women Rivka and Shlomit who both explained all about the girls that are helped at this special centre.

My visit to Makom BaLev today was very moving. The space is modest and very clean. The colours inside – blue and white are very soothing and calming.

I felt very proud seeing our WIZO Australia project in real life and although the girls who come and visit the centre weren’t there at the time, we could see how they would benefit from the centre.

We spoke to two of the incredible women who work there and they shared the stories of the girls that utilize the centre. Stories that were very hard to hear – the age of the girls, what brought them here and the issues and challenges they face.

Many of these girls have had some sort of trauma, been molested and hurt. They have turned to alcohol, drugs and prostitution as they have lost hope. But they keep coming back to the centre and the workers here listen to them, provide them towels, a shower, something to eat and drink. The girls can relax and use a computer, and just release from the pressures of their lives.

The workers are incredible as it’s not an easy job but they do it with an enormous amount of love in their hearts.

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