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On her recent visit to Israel, Susie Beville visited Raya Jaglom Day Care Centre in Tel Aviv. This is one of the many WIZO Australia projects. The centre is open from 7am until 7pm and caters to the needs of at-risk children. Many of these children suffer from neglect and abuse as a result of dysfunctional family situations and poverty.

To quote Susie, ‘I’d never really thought too much about exactly where and how our funds were spent and was always just content with the knowledge that our time and fundraising efforts were helping those in need in Israel.’ After virtually banging on the door and insisting she be let in, Susie was fortunate to join a tour with another group, Nina Richwol and her husband Sam. ‘WOW!! who knew that behind that little ויצא sign and the high white fence was an amazing centre filled with gorgeous, happy children from babies to toddlers from all walks of Tel Aviv life and their awesome teachers and carers. It’s a heart-warming, eye-opening experience that will stay in your heart forever, and further propel you to help us do as much as we can to ensure that everyone who needs WIZO’s help will be able to benefit from our hard work and dedication.’

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