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Ziva Korsia the centre Director took time to inform the AUJS participants about the population of the centre, it’s characteristics, the fluctuations in the situation in Sderot and the challenges the staff and the children face living so close to the Gaza border. This centre is a safe haven but at times of attacks it is very hard for the children to cope.

The group toured the premises and had the opportunity to join the children in their daily activities.

Report by: Chloe Spitalnic AUJS Victoria President

Visiting the Bruce & Ruth Rappaport WIZO Day Care Centre in Sderot was an incredible experience as part of the AUJS Leadership Development Programme 2018-2019. What is remarkable about this day centre is the fact that it is completely rocket proof, providing protection to young children and their families in this turbulent city South of Israel close to Gaza. Our group was warmly welcomed by all the staff at the centre, provided with delicious food made by the chef at the centre and we were able to see how much joy and fun the kids are able to experience every day. This day care centre is so special and provides families an opportunity to leave their kids under amazing supervision, whilst also knowing they will be safe even if a rocket attack occurred. It was evident that the kids are happy and joyful while at this WIZO day care centre.

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