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On Sunday 11th June 2017 Miriam and Rob Millingen joined Nilly & Peter Berger and their friends to visit Ahuzat Yeladim. They were accompanied by Dalia Ganz from the Tourism Department.

Yossi Saragossi, the school’s Director, welcomed them and took them to a room in the Shabbat House where the students had prepared morning tea from the recently renovated bakery. Yossi spent about an hour telling them all about the school, and as usual he was so inspiring and informative, especially for those in the group not associated with WIZO. He told how he was student at the school, then a teacher, then the Principal and now the Director. He works 24/7 for the school, only having a week off for holidays. Yossi gave a short history of Ahuzat Yeladim, and talked about how and why the students are placed there. He spoke about the girl’s doing their bakery diploma, and how they work during their holidays in local cafes and hotels. Some of the boys work at the Haifa port and in the summer holidays they get work there or at the port in Ashdod.

Nilly Berger presented Yossi with another quilt made by the WIZO Kesher members and Miriam presented Yossi with a set of aboriginal print tea towels, made in Australia, to be used in the new kitchen when it is ready.

They were shown through the girl’s dormitories, the newly renovated bakery and where the fire had come through and destroyed some of the buildings. These had already been rebuilt. They then went to the beauty school where the girls were doing their Bagrut exams in Beauty Therapy. They were so excited to be doing this exam, they had a sign on the door announcing it.

As Miriam quoted “I have been to Ahuzat Yeladim many, many times and each time I am more amazed by the development and renovations there, and above all the dedication of Yossi. He is such a mensch.”

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