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Anita Friedman, Chairperson of World WIZO Fundraising Division accompanied Pam and Steve Leibowitz to two WIZO Australia projects. This was the first time either of them had been to a WIZO project.

They began at the Raya Jaglom Day Care Centre in Tel Aviv and met with Yael the director. They began the visit inside a classroom where they had the opportunity to observe the children in a sing along and story time activity. After that they visited each of the classrooms and learnt about all the activities which take place there after school until 7pm. One of the teacher spoke about the children at risk, and about the pedagogic learning, which takes place along with the overall care including meals and supervision of the children.

They then went on to visit Ahuzat Yeladim in Haifa where Yossi Saragossi, the Centre Director, hosted them for lunch in the dining room. During this time the, the youth were also having lunch, so the couple had an opportunity to see for themselves how mealtime works. Afterwards they proceeded to Yossi’s office where he provided a full description of the schools unique treatment facility and about the types of children who reside there. This was a real learning experience for the Leibowitz’s and they asked many questions. Next, Yossi took them on a tour of the grounds where they saw the Don Marejn dormitory and the Jonas Dormitory from the outside. They also visited the bakery and other buildings and ended their visit at the Shabbat House where they were thanked for their generous donation and support towards this very meaningful and important project.

As they remarked despite having heard about the projects, they never could have imagined how a youth village works until now having had the chance to see it with their own eyes.

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