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Dear chaverot,

While Israel mourned its 23,320 Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism on Wednesday , the Palestinian Authority (PA) was in the midst of a media campaign honoring the very terrorists who have so long plagued the Jewish state with death and destruction.
Sadly, Israel’s “peace partners” indicated they have no true desire to end the bloodshed, as they openly praised those committing acts of violence against the Jews, thereby encouraging a new generation to follow in those bloody footsteps. Palestinian Media Watch compiled a list of official Palestinian media reports and announcements honoring 14 particular terrorists who had murdered at least 160 Israelis.
On Thursday evening as the country celebrated Israel’s 67th Independence Day.
A code red siren was sounded in Sderot and other Gaza border communities in southern Israel The rocket hit an open field in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, near Sderot. No injuries or damages were reported.

And then, as if we needed a further reminder of the price we constantly need to pay for our Independence, that it is not to be taken for granted, we received it in the past 24 hours.

Four police officers were hit by a car in Jerusalem near the Mount of Olives in a suspected terror attack last night. A vehicle driving from the direction of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives , veered onto the sidewalk and hit the officers. A suspect in the attack, 31-year-old Fadi Saleh from the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem, was arrested this morning

Magen David Adom paramedics that arrived at the scene treated the four victims; three sustained light injuries and one was moderately hurt. Locals began clashing with police and rocks were thrown at the ambulances called to evacuate the wounded. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat drove to the scene of the attack, where his car came under attack by rock-throwers as well. One rock lightly damaged the vehicle; no one was hurt. After the attack, riots erupted in several East Jerusalem neighborhoods including At-Tur, Silwan, and the Muslim Quarter. The attack came after a day of riots in the At-Tur neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

Earlier in the evening, a Palestinian terrorist attacked a Border Police officer, stabbing the Israeli in his head and chest with a knife near the Cave of the Patriarchs. The attacker rushed a combat unit, injuring one before the other soldiers fired at him. Magen David Adom emergency personnel treated the soldier and he was evacuated to Sha’are Tzedek Medical Centre in moderate condition; the terrorist succumbed to his wounds later in the evening.

Yesterday afternoon, some 20 rioters were wounded in East Jerusalem clashes which erupted after the thwarted terror attack in Ma’ale Adumim Friday night before, in which the attacker was killed, according to the Red Crescent Society. A police officer was wounded by a Palestinian rock-thrower during the clashes. He was evacuated in light condition to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Centre
My dear Chaverot, we pray and hope for peace but remain pragmatists for this is the reality in which we must live.
At the first official event marking Memorial Day at Jerusalem’s Yad Lebanim memorial for fallen soldiers, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “The enemies have changed, but as our enemies’ threats to destroy our home grow, so grows our determination to defend this home,” he continued. “This spirit that surges within us has not ebbed with the passage of the years. It only grows stronger. We saw this spirit last summer in Operation Protective Edge — what courage, what camaraderie, what unity, what sacrifice……. My brothers and sisters, grieving families, the cords that bind us to this land and country are strong and eternal…. The blood of our loved ones is soaked in its earth. And when the pain waxes, and the agonies of loss intensify, we find comfort in the fact that these sons and daughters died for the noblest of causes: to ensure the survival of this nation. I say the survival of this nation,’ because there is no future for the Jewish nation without the State of Israel.”
After two thousand years of exile, Am-Israel has returned to rebuild and develop its home and we are here to stay because Ein Lanu Eretz Acheret – we have no other country – that we can truly call our own, and we still have so much to do, so much to give.
Together with you our dear Chaverot, WIZO will continue to plays its humble role to improve and strengthen the society in Israel and to adapt our projects to its needs.

Tova Ben-Dov
World WIZO

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