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WIZ Kids Program 2013/4 for WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Sponsored by WIZO Australia

In today’s digital world computer skills are vital to educational success. Youth from unstable or deprived home environments often miss out on exposure to solid educational experiences. Youth at Ahuzat Yeladim lack computer skills. By creating WIZ KIDS, WIZO provides Israeli children with the opportunity to bridge this gap acquire new skills and improve grades.

The WIZ Kids program at WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim began mid-year. Eight youth attended weekly classes for a total of 25 sessions. Sessions took place in the dormitory computer room.

WIZ Kids (created by Compedia Ltd., specialists in developing computerized learning programs) installed innovative educational software at Ahuzat Yeladim. This software assisted youth to develop inventive thinking and problem solving skills. In addition Compedia donated 10 headsets and upgraded several existing computers with Microsoft programs.

Youth enjoyed the fun aspect as well as the learning feature of this program. They spent time playing challenging computer games and developed creative thinking skills. They were challenged to think out of the box.

Program Included:

 Engaging and motivating discussions
 Focused and easy to follow instruction
 Individual projects
 Supportive group learning

Program Highlights:

 Youth were very satisfied as a result of learning new skills
 An outing to the Compedia offices in Ramat Gan at the end of the program, introduced students to the world of Hi Tech


 Youth with strong reading and writing skills benefitted most from this program
 We recommend continuing the program in the 2014/5 school year

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