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by Helen Granek


In the morning we drove to Be’er Sheva to visit the Anzac Museum and meet up with the rest of the group who were joining us from Tel Aviv.

We learned the history of the Anzac. Campaign in 1917- the bravery of the Australian Soldiers as well as viewing a very moving video of the Campaign – the battle victory which was the beginning of the quest for Israel.

We also saw the cemetery where the Anzac Soldiers are buried- very moving.

We then drove to Makom BaLev,a lovely well designed and furnished centre where we had a wonderful welcome by Jessica the representative on World WIZO, Esther Mor President if World WIZO and a young dedicated woman, the Director of the Centre, Mor.

She explained to us about the girls at risk who come there and what is done to rehabilitate them.

We had a break for lunch in a beautiful mall and then drove to the Anzac Park sponsored and maintained by the Pratt Foundation. The park has a wonderful playground used by all including disabled and special needs children.

Following this, we headed to Tel Aviv.

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