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WIZO Kesher December 2020 newsletter

It may not win the Miles Franklin Award or the Booker Prize for literature, but the WIZO Kesher  December 2020 newsletter featuring WIZO Women of Worth will win your admiration. The  newsletter is full of affection for the commitment of our senior members. Editor Peter Roberts and  his team pay tribute to Queensland and Victorian members, some former Presidents who have  organised garage sales, street stalls, opened their homes for functions, served as mentors and  advisors on constitutional issues and used their many skills to help WIZO in Australia raise funds for  our projects. Reading about our extraordinary members filled me with pride and I hope you also  enjoy this special edition put together by our WIZO Kesher members

The December newsletter also tells the story of Chanukah and celebrates the courage of our Biblical heroines Judith and Hannah. An article about Dr. Michael Briner, husband of Linda Briner receiving an  Order of Australia Medal attests to the fact that WIZO’s male supporters are not forgotten.

I encourage you to circulate the Kesher December 2020 newsletter to your members. It makes great holiday reading. Click here to view: WIZO-20.pdf

Lions Club of Australia

Even though we have had a difficult year, WIZO Victoria members have continued to donate their used  spectacles to the Lions Club of Australia Recycle for Sight Program. Our donations are sent around the  world to people who cannot afford to buy glasses. Instead of leaving your old glasses in the draw, why  not encourage your members to donate these to the Lions Club in your state?

Here is a link to Recycle For Sight Program- Lions Club of Australia

Recycle For Sight Program

WIZO and the United Nations

Recently, WIZO Australia Membership Chairperson, Penny Goodman asked, “why it is imperative that  WIZO is represented at the United Nations?” and invited four or our United Nations representatives to answer the question in an informative webinar that attracted a wide audience. Members of  Soroptimist International Australia, Associated Country Women of the World which Country Women’s  Association of Australia (CWAA) is an affiliate and the United Nations Association of Australia, Status  of Women Committee, Victoria attended the webinar. We have received positive feedback on the high  calibre of the speakers. Many thanks Penny of creating this outstanding event.

WIZO Outreach Discussion paper

I intend to produce a discussion paper early in 2021 aimed at attracting new members and  increasing WIZO’s public profile within the wider community. If you would like to share your ideas  for WIZO “outreach” please contact me at

Soroptimist International Israel and Soroptimist International Europe virtual exhibition

WIZO Australia and WIZO Australia has received an invitation from Chris Knight Soroptimist  International (SI) Queensland to an E-Virtual Exhibition organised by SI members of Israel together  with SI Europe Federation entitled Women – the Pillar of the World. SI is a global women’s volunteer  organization with Consultative Status at the United Nations working for gender equality, social  justice, human rights and peace

Here is an extract from the invitation and instructions:

“The organizers of the virtual exhibition of the members of Soroptimist Israel and European  Federation, are pleased to invite you to visit the exhibition “Women – the Pillar of the World” in which  Soroptimist artists from across the European Federation participate.

The exhibition takes place in “SI’s virtual gallery” and the visit is made by entering the following link:

A. When the gallery is displayed at the bottom in the middle of four “buttons” the main arrow starts  a tour where you have moved from one viewing mode to another automatically while stopping for a  few seconds in the mode.

The backward arrow takes you to the previous position while the rightmost arrow takes you to the  next position.

The down arrow displays the list of viewing positions and allows you to “jump” to the desired location. Clicking again closes the list.

B. At each station you can go on an independent tour by double-clicking on a place on the exhibition  floor (a bluish circle with two shoe soles will appear in the same place).

C. You can move away or zoom in on images viewed by using the UP and DOWN arrows on the  keyboard.

D. If you want to rotate the direction of the observation, you have to press and hold the left mouse  button and drag it to the right, left, up or down

E. Return to the built-in tour – by clicking on one of the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

· You can tour independently, using steps B-D in the previous section. At any stage, you can return to  the built-in tour.

Another way to tour the gallery is through the gallery map: in the lower-left corner is a square  containing a top view map of the gallery. Within this map, a blue dot represents your current location.  You can double-click anywhere on this map and you will reach the marketplace. Upon arrival, use the  mouse to rotate the direction of observation.

We wish you a pleasant tour and enjoyable viewing.

Clara Lewi Rubinowicz- SI Netanya Club-President; Shoshi Frenkel -SIE Extention committee-chair,  member of Netanya club.

Note: The link can be activated on a computer as well as on a tablet or iPad. You can download an  Artstep app from the Google or Apple store. 

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Nina Richwol 
Community Liaison Officer
WIZO Australia

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