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Below is a summary of meetings and events I have attended on behalf of WIZO Australia.

United Nations Association of Australia, Status of Women Committee (UNAASOWC)

At the 14 April Status of Women Committee Zoom meeting, I reported on the impact of Corona virus on WIZO’s operations and provided a link to the update from World WIZO Chairperson Anita Friedman for the meeting minutes. Anita Friedman’s report provides an excellent summery of WIZO’s diverse facilities and services for readers unfamiliar with our organisation. Approximately 45 individuals and organisations receive these minutes.

National Council of Women of Victoria (NCWV)

I have sent the above report to NCWV for inclusion in the May newsletter emailed to approximately 50 recipients. NCWV committee has asked volunteers to call each other during this lock down and I am doing so.
Country Women’s Association, Bayside Group.

I submitted the short item below and a photo about this year’s Dawn Service to the Bayside group’s newsletter emailed to 45 members:

At 5.30am on ANZAC Day our South Caulfield street was peaceful. Sam and I lit candles, stood at our front gate and listened to the moving speeches and prayers spoken at the War Memorial in Canberra.

Will we remember this year’s Dawn Service more clearly than other years? I’m sure we will. When we looked at houses down our street, we imaged the families who once lived in Bokhara Road. We hoped that loved ones who served in wars and Peacekeeping missions returned safely and that behind the brick and picket fences, families spoke of happiness, gratitude and not grief.

Taking the Dawn Service to our front gate and the minute of silence made this year’s remembrance more real, more personal and unforgettable.

CWA Bayside has asked members and volunteers to call each other and I am doing so.

Winja Ulupna Women’s Hostel

I called Aunty Bea, manager of Winja Ulupna and asked if she needed any help. Aunty Bea said that most of the residents have returned home, leaving only four clients living in the hostel. Staff have been divided into two shifts and the situation is very manageable. Aunty Bea thanked us for our concern and said that they are self-sufficient at present.

SOWC General Business

The committee discussed the effectiveness of working from home and it was noted that 2/3 of the work performed by women e.g. nursing, medical services, caring giving services, beauty services and hospitality cannot be performed at home.

Nina Richwol
WIZO Australia Community Liaison

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