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Is it important to make a good impression? To let people, know who you are and what you do?

I think it is. So it was with pride that I circulated WIZO Australia’s Inform- Invigorate- Inspire September  – October 2020 newsletter written by President Paulette Cherny to member organisations of the  United Nations Association of Victoria (UNAAV), Status of Women Committee (SOWC) and received  positive feedback for our activities outlined in the newsletter.

During the 13 October SOWC Zoom meeting, I informed the committee that the newsletter mentions that WIZO’s six day care centres located in Israel’s major hospitals are operating to care for the  children of medical workers and that Paul Griffiths, the new Australian Ambassador will soon speak  with us about his appointment. I have invited members of the committee to join the meeting with Mr.  Griffiths.

Professor Ian Howie, President of UNAA Victoria with a 35-year career in international development was SOWC October guest speaker. Professor Howie discussed the educational role of Model U.N. conferences conducted by UNAA Victoria for senior high school students. The Model U.N. conference  program duplicates the General Assembly. Students are asked to take on the identity of a UN member  country and vote on subjects including global health, refugees, climate change and the management  of global cities as though they were voting on behalf of their allocated country.

The Model U.N. conference is a powerful tool that teaches students the value of global cooperation  and the complexity of reaching internationally Agreed Conclusions. I have seen a Model U.N  conference in which year 10 students debated eloquently their allocated county’s position, joined  alliances with likeminded nations and voted in favour of their nation’s interest or in favour of the  global interest as occurs in the General Assembly. I believe that participating in a Model U.N. conference demystifies the operations and purpose of U.N. decision making and provides a unique  opportunity for students to experience the challenge of acting as a global citizen.  Here are links to learning the purpose and procedure of the Model U.N. Conference.,

Below are links to photos of Model U.N. conferences to accompany this report. 1jZRfap4EhbA:1603281503637&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=model+un+conference+photos&sa=X&ve d=2ahUKEwiT6_6D0cXsAhUv6nMBHdXkChsQ7Al6BAgQEDs&biw=1242&bih=568h?q=model+un+con ference+photo

Claire Moore, President of UNAA Queensland spoke about the federal government’s 18 June 2020  Hidden In Plain Sight report and recommendations to end modern slavery in Australia. Claire asserted that the report fails to provide audit provisions that would disclose whether businesses are complying  with government reporting requirements, that not all submissions regarding modern slavery are made  public and that a High Commissioner for Modern Slavery has yet to be appointed. For further  information, go to Parliament Of Australia fairs/ModernSlavery/Report/c01

WIZO Masada’s virtual tours of Israel are making a very good impression. During our UNAA SOWC  meeting I received almost a unanimous show of hands for the link to our 18 October tour of Jerusalem.  Our tours have been a great way to bring Israel to a diverse audience keen to visit Israel, particularly  to see Jerusalem with the help of an Aussie guide. Unfortunately, due to Covid- 19 restrictions, the  tour has been postponed. I have sent notice of the postponement to community organisations together with a YouTube video of the City of David Light and Sound Show as a glimpse of Jerusalem’s  history and Israel’s cutting-edge technology that has produced this visual masterpiece.

So, does WIZO make a good impression? I’m sure we do!

Nina Richwol
Community Liaison Officer
WIZO Australia

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