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On June 16th and 17th WIZO Australia held a successful Plenary finding ways to move any “boulders” that might be in the way of achieving our goals and continuing our excellent work.

“Plenary is an occasion when we come together to be motivated and to plan how to continue WIZO’s excellent work that has been supporting women and children in Israel since before the establishment of the State. ” said Gilla Liberman President of WIZO Australia.”How excited I am to be at the helm of WIZO Australia- which is a vital and powerful arm of a worldwide movement.If we were to add up the years of service given by each of you to WIZO it would be thousands of years. We have the knowledge, we have the expertise, we have the heart and we have the devotion to make a real difference .

“I understand that the tagline of the Plenary is “Be bold – move the boulder”. Any Kibbutznik or farmer will tell you that you have to move boulders to find good earth that can be fertilized, so that seeds can be planted and nurtured in order for a crop to grow” said Tova Ben Dov- President World WIZO.”For over 90 years WIZO has been moving the proverbial “boulder” of one kind or another and working together with our Federations worldwide, we have found that there isn’t an obstacle that we can’t overcome. Many challenges or “boulders” face WIZO, but with Federations and chaverot as loyal and loving as yourselves – working together – we will prevail and reach higher levels of success and achievement, United and working in full harmony, we will crush the “boulders” and obstacles in our path to make way for a new tomorrow – for the benefit of those who depend upon us.”



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