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Hi all

My name is Viv Bolaffi and this was the first time I attended Wizo EGM in Israel this January and hopefully not my last. So glad I went that’s for sure.

I have agreed to share my thoughts and enthusiasm for the Wizo zoom plenary today.

I’m going to speak about the day we did the In One Voice – the song was ‘Hallelujah ‘ We performed like real professionals at the conference. We literally sang and danced to the rafters.

For me it was one of the best moments of the EGM. It was just beautiful. It was one of many highlights of the fantastic EGM, was really blown away by it.

There were lots of ted talks, discussions and information given about Wizo and its 100 th year history but this was just pure fun and enjoyment.

The host made us all get up on our feet when he introduced the three singers that were going to help us to sing and celebrate. We are going to sing in One Voice he told us – shouted to us all. Like we were one big family. There were WIZO ladies from 29 countries. Unbelievable! We were going to sing Hallelujah in a unique arrangement that was done for all of us to celebrate WIZO 100-year anniversary. Amazing! It’s a great song very moving and inspirational.

They were very professional and had all the words up on the screen in the three languages – English Hebrew and Spanish. All was filmed and is presented to us on the World Wizo website so if you haven’t seen it have a look and sing along too.

When a volunteer was called upon to come up on stage – one of the Mexican ladies – she was fantastic- we all erupted with glee – was so much fun. The Mexicans were all very excited. She was a wonderful performer herself and a very popular choice.

Watching the video again really brought me back especially in these crazy days. Be well everyone and keep safe!

Viv Bolaffi

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