WIZO is a non-party, apolitical movement dedicated to the welfare of the disadvantaged sectors of Israeli society.

“The goal of WIZO is to respond to the challenges that arise in Israeli society – through every stage of life.”

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Whilst in Israel visiting my mother in September 2019, Grace and I had the honour…

During July, Diane Symonds, President of WIZO NSW visited the Adi Centre in Be’er Sheva…

Report by: Keren Loyer Today my Mum, Chana Shuvaly and I were picked up by…

Ziva Korsia the centre Director took time to inform the AUJS participants about the population…

In December, 75 enthusiastic students from Australia visited Rebecca Sieff WIZO house in Jerusalem to…

Anita Friedman, Chairperson of World WIZO Fundraising Division accompanied Pam and Steve Leibowitz to two…

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WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School (WIZO Australia’s flagship project in Haifa)

WIZO Makom Balev (Centre for Girls at Risk)

The Rae and Tom Mandel WIZO Centre – Modi’in

WIZO Korsunski Youth Club – Kfar Saba

WIZO Aya Dinstein Women’s Club

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Robyn Lieblich and Estelle Lin
"A changing of the guard with two new Co- Presidents stepping forward to take WIZO WA into its next era. Robyn Lieblich and Estelle Lin were unanimously elected. Both dynamic women have a love of Israel and are passionate about the work that our International Women’s Organisation is doing in Israel. Interestingly both women are social workers which gives them an even deeper understanding of how WIZO’s work so positively impacts on Israeli life."
Keren Loyer – President Matan
"I started WIZO Matan 9 years ago, as I was looking for a closer connection to Israel, my birth country, and there were no WIZO groups for young mums like me. Our group, has the most committed and passionate members, especially our Executive, who I am proud to call my closest friends. Knowing I have a hand in creating a better future for our projects in Israel is an honour and a mitzvah."